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Motorcycle sputtering when accelerating

Diagnosing Engine Hesitation. Start by checking the engine computer with a scan tool, for any fault codes. A code P0171 or P0174 (or both), indicate the engine is running lean. This means there is too much air and/or not enough fuel. Consequently, the air/fuel mixture, is not being properly, enriched or is going lean.

2021. 4. 29. · Why does my motorcycle sputter when I give it gas? There are several reasons why a motorcycle sputters. The most common reasons are carburetor issues such as a vacuum.

Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 23, 2013. While on my way home from work, I felt the bike start to sputter, so I switched over to the reserve. Made no difference, except I didn't actually run out of fuel. When I tried to accelerate to get off the highway, I had absolutely NO POWER. The engine sputtered the entire time.

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Search: Dodge Durango Clunking Noise When Accelerating.Prior to Installation Note: Under hard acceleration in 4x4 high, unlifted Dodge Ram's often have a front end vibration or shutter 2001 Dodge 2500 4x4 vibration 60 to 70 mph loud vibration noise 60 to 70 mph I have had several Dodge/RAM, Chevy/GMC and Ford 1500 pickup trucks over the last 20 years My 2003 Dodge..

A vacuum leak from the carburetor can cause the motorcycle to sputter because it causes an interruption in the proper air to fuel ratio mixture which causes poor performance on the motorcycle. Vacuum leaks are usually caused by intake boots that are cracked or brittle..

TX-Aggie said: Over the past week I've noticed that the bike wants to sputter when I start of in first using low rpm. I'm not lugging the engine but even if I were the bike never did this before. This is also happening in other gears when I roll into the throttle. Foe example, while going 65 in 6th gear and hitting the throttler WITHOUT down.

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